Fleet management solution

Many public or private organizations like corporate house, government organization, cab companies and fleet owners etc needs to have the system for Fleet management solution which can help them to know current status of their vehicles use. What is the location of the vehicle? What is performance ratio of a particular vehicle or fleet level? What is the fuel efficiency of vehicle?  Without having the detailed information of fleet one can not know how to improve the vehicle performance, lower the maintenance cost or the potential area to make improvement.  Fleet management solution helps to improve your resources (Man and Machine) which turn back as to lower the cost of overall organization.

iotaSmart fleet management solution empowers you to take better decision based on the realtime data of vehicle. By using fleet management solution companies can improve the trips routes, lower the maintenance cost, lower the fuel consumption and improve the fleet utilization.

In iotaSmart we offers you customized solution as per your needs which includes detailed reporting on vehicle locations, health index, mileage, performance and risk etc. Moreover iotaSmart can diagnose your vehicle as well, with Vehicle health tracking system it helps to know about any problem or issue in the engine and its parts. iotaSmart moved forward 1 step and added the artificial intelligence (AI) in the fleet management system by predicting vehicle health. We are working toward to let you know when any problem can come in the vehicle which can be related to engine, tyres and battery etc.

iotaSmart fleet management solution features

  • Track resources – Using the live map fleet and drivers can be tracked real time on map.
  • Optimize resources – While you can track your resources live you increase the productivity and usage easily.
  • Maximize vehicle utilization – Using GPS vehicle can be tracked real time and get the insight of vehicle routes and time taken. By this way vehicle use can be increased by keeping an eye on their ideal time.
  • Real-time alerts – Alerts for high speeding, high RPM, rash driving, fatigue driving, engine issues and idle time etc can be track using the real-time alerts.
  • Vehicle diagnostics – iotaSmart fleet management solution make it easy to diagnose your vehicle like a pro. You can check and diagnose engine trouble codes and engine issues data and definition.
  • Reduce downtime – While you can access your vehicle and diagnose the issues on realtime, it helps you to maintain and have service the vehicle before having any issue. Which reduce the vehicle downtime.
  • High safety – iotaSmart fleet management solution comes with SOS features which can be used in case emergency.
  • Predictive analysis – iotaSmart fleet management solution use advance AI (Artificial intelligence) to make predictive analysis. It helps you to know failure of engine in advance, tyre change and maintenance required etc.

Benefits for using fleet management solution

  • Complete visibility on fleet by 24*7 using mobile app or web system.
  • Increased productivity of resources (Man and Machine)
  • Helps you to reduce the maintenance and service cost and lower the risk of mechanical components failure.
  • Improve driver behaviour and reduce the risk.
  • Improve the fuel efficiency and reduce carbon foot print which helps to reduce the cost of vehicle operation.
  • Identify the high risk activities like over speeding, high RPM, bad driving behaviour.



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