Who we are?

Our Mission

To provide drivers and fleet owners with all the analytics about their driving behavior and vehicles so that they are safer and have healthy vehicles creating a greener Earth.

iotaSmart is a global cloud based company focussed on providing telematics solution for individual consumers and fleet owners using Intelligent iotaSmart algorithms. We have offices in USA and India.

Once connected using OBDII Dongle in your vehicle, iotaSmart platform receives your location, driver and vehicle data on continous and real-time basis. The iotaSmart algorithms provides an optimized solution for predicting the time to failure of your vehicle and what needs to be fixed much in advance so that getting stuck on road can be avoided.

We are always hiring. If interested, please send your resume to career@iotasmart.com.

iotaSmart platform also helps you in reducing your operational cost and improves fuel efficiency.

iGloble's predictEdge and prescrepEdge

iGloble's predictEdge is based on two critical items, i.e., historical trending and the correlation analysis of the maintenance data, load factor, driving behavior, schedule variations, claims, and fuel expense. A data network is established to predict the failures (Time to Failure, T2F) and Mean Time to Failure (MTBF) along with Cost to Repair (C2F) are computed. Alerts based predicted results are generated and shared with the customers on the Connected Platform dashboard.

Focused on improving the customer experience, a customer dashboard with predictive schedule variations, location specifications, ticketing coupons, route optimizations, etc. are shared on real time basis.

prescrepEdge module using the dependency graphs for the devices are used to create prescription alerts for the devices for the component failures and maintenance and repairs needed. Prescriptions are shared with the users via the prescrepEdge Dashboard.

What we do?

iotaSmart Smart Fleet Solutions

Provides real time location and historical tracking by trip of the vehicles along with vehicle and driver alerts.

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iotaSmart Consumer Solutions

Provides driver and car safety with real time car tracking and trip reports for all cars in your fleet.

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