Vehicle Health Tracking System

Vehicle health tracking system can be used to check the overall health of any vehicle. These systems come as internal and external system. Vehicle health racking system made it easy to check your vehicle health in which you can check vehicle Engine data, Diagnostic code, battery status and car performance data, etc. Today’s connected car world not only access vehicle engine health but you can also check the tyres life and fuel data etc using some external sensors.

To check the vehicle health user can install any telematics solution, OBD based solution or diagnose the health in service centre. Technology made it very easy to track your vehicle health using the real time data by any telematics solution or using the OBD (On Board diagnostics) solution. Both solutions are made to check health anytime and anywhere. So that you can easily track vehicle health live.

iotaSmart platform also helps you in reducing your operational cost and improves fuel efficiency.

Vehicle tracking system using - Telematics solution

Telematics solutions have 2 major parts, telecommunication and informatics. So any solution for vehicle which has these two things can be known as Telematics solution. In telematics solution information can be send and receive to any third party. Over the time telematics solutions has been evolved so much that they have integrated so many things in a single device such as integration with GPS technology, internal and external sensors, cameras, stereo, Computers and Mobiles or connect with another car, etc.

These days telematics solution has become an integral part for any fleet. Most of the car companies are making it as a compulsory unit in the vehicle while on other hand you can buy from outside and plug in your vehicle. Of-course these solutions are costly but have worth to buy.

Benefits of Telematics solution for both individual and fleet owners:

  • Live location tracking and speeding
  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • Idling analysis
  • Save money on fuel consumption
  • Analyze driving behaviour
  • Avoid driving risk
  • Reduce the organization operational cost
  • Improve customer service and gain more trust

Vehicle tracking system using - OBD solution

OBD (On board diagnostic) solutions, has a plug and play device which is very easy to install in the vehicle and manage. All the vehicle manufactured after 2006 must have OBD port and vehicle after 2013 support OBDII solution which is more advance.

OBD based solution come in various types of OBD device:

  • GPS OBD tracker
  • OBDII solution
  • OBD with RFID integration
  • OBD with Hotspot integration
  • Bluetooth based OBD

All above mentioned OBD solution has 1 thing is common having a plug-play device and easily integrates with your vehicle, web application and mobile based app.

More over advanced OBD device can communicate with other IoT device and censors which makes it a true IoT solution to make any car a ‘Connected Car’. OBD solution has given a lot in connected car world and also it is cheaper than any other solution.

We, ‘iotaSmart’ have come-up with most advanced telematics and OBD based solution having the robust IoT devices and platform. In which you can use our iotaSmart OBD device and a most advanced cloud based platform. Our platform is not only for fleet owners but also individual can get benefits from it.

Our iotaSmart solution has some unique features which make it different from other:

Our iotaSmart solution has some unique features which make it different from other:

  • Analyze and reduce your operational cost
  • Advanced engine diagnostics
  • Minimize the maintenance cost
  • Improve vehicle performance
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Easily track your vehicle and fleet
  • Pre-maintenance alerts
  • Predictive and prescription analysis for your vehicle, etc.
  • Integration with third parties like mechanics, insurance and service centre etc.
  • iotaSmart web and mobile app solution

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