iotaSmart AIS-140

What is iotaSmart AIS-140 device?

iotaSmart AIS-140 is a compact GPS tracking device that fits inside your vehicle. Once installed and connected, using the CARE approach, tracking of your vehicle and engine cut off is an App/SMS away.

Why we need iotaSmart AIS-140 device?

The AIS-140 or the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is a set of standards that the government has mandated to be put into place in all public and private transportation systems. Our AIS-140 compliant GPS Tracker is robust and compact specially designed for advance Tracking and monitoring of vehicles. It also features real time AI based Driver Behavior monitoring for safe driving.

Features of iotaSmart AIS-140

  • Dual Network Embedded Sim Card
  • AI Based Real-Time Driver Behavior
  • SOS Emergency Button
  • Dual IP Support
  • Accurate Driving Log & Trip Tracking
  • Anti-Theft Solution
  • Remote Engine Cut off
  • Multiple analog Input/output
  • ACC detection for Ignition status
  • Vehicle Out of Fence Alerts
  • Vibration Alerts
  • Power off Alerts
  • Configurable alerts for over speeding
  • Low Voltage Alerts
  • Maximum 50000 data logs
  • Tracked By: SMS, APP, Web
  • IP 66 Dust and Waterproof
  • 9-36V Input voltage range
  • Configurable Tracking Mode
  • Vehicle Battery Protection

What we do?

iotaSmart Smart Fleet Solutions

Provides real time location and historical tracking by trip of the vehicles along with vehicle and driver alerts.

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iotaSmart Consumer Solutions

Provides driver and car safety with real time car tracking and trip reports for all cars in your fleet.

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