IotaSmart's Intelligent Connected Platform

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Our platform is one step integration with vehicles such as car, buses, trucks, vans and so on. We connect the vehicle's health with the driving behaviour to improve fuel efficiency, operational efficiency, driver safety or a greener earth.

Using our Intelligent IotaSmart platform, we predict the vehicle failure and required maintenance in advance so that repair cost are lowered. We also tell you what you need to fix. We are your Car Doctor by measuring your vehicle pulse.

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Unique Features

  • Dashboard based Intelligent Analytics Real Time

    KPIs based analytics for informed and faster decision making.

  • Advance Engine Diagnostics

    Engine related issues based alarms on phone and email and predicting its failure.

  • Fuel Efficiency Tracking and Report

    Tracking the fuel efficiency by trip and providing recommendations for improvements.

  • Driving Behaviour and Trends

    Tracking driving behaviour by trip and trending for driver risk computations.

  • Real Time Tracking of your Vehicle and Playback

    Tracking your vehicles by trip along with driving alarms and playing it back.

  • Mobile and Web based Solutions

    Real time monitoring, alarms, and trending for your vehicles.

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Fun Facts

  • Fleet Performance Improvement

    by 6%
  • Improved Customer

    by 10%
  • Decrease Fuel

    by 6%
  • Improved Vehicle Maintenance

    by 10%

Our Solutions


  • Fleets

    Complete fleet solutions for operational efficiency improvement and reduced risks.

  • Consumers

    Alerts for predictive failure of your vehicles and driver safety.

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