• Fleet Performance Improvement

    by 6%
  • Improved Customer

    by 10%
  • Decrease Fuel

    by 6%
  • Improved Vehicle Maintenance

    by 10%

AI-Powered Maintenance In Just 3 Steps

Reduce Operational Cost
With PredictEdge

Our state of-of-the art predictive algorithms can detect maintenance issues weeks in advance, thus reducing downtime, preventing road breakdowns and high operating expenses, and simultaneously improving driver safety. This predictive model provides real-time maintenance alerts and recommendations to mitigate

Step 1

In order to perform analysis, we require telematics from your vehicle/fleet.
If your vehicles are not yet connected to a telematics provider, you can get your fleet connected with our iotaSmart platform by mailing us at info@bytedge.ai or filling out the contact form
PredictEdge even allows seamless integration of other telematics platforms with no extra cost.

Step 2

Register and create your iotaSmart account
Later on, you can select if you want to use our telematics service or go through another platform via an API

Step 3

With the data coming in, our AI makes use of data points such as driving behavior, terrain conditions, and emissions to generate any potential maintenance requirements and alerts. In addition, we also provide recommendations to mitigate such issues.

These alerts are organized in a convenient calendar format, ensuring on-time maintenance. With every new data point, the AI model gets smarter and more efficient at optimizing your fleet’s performance.

Unique Features

  • Dashboard based Intelligent Analytics Real Time

    KPIs based analytics for informed and faster decision making.

  • Advance Engine Diagnostics

    Engine related issues based alarms on phone and email and predicting its failure.

  • Fuel Efficiency Tracking and Report

    Tracking the fuel efficiency by trip and providing recommendations for improvements.

  • Driving Behaviour and Trends

    Tracking driving behaviour by trip and trending for driver risk computations.

  • Real Time Tracking of your Vehicle and Playback

    Tracking your vehicles by trip along with driving alarms and playing it back.

  • Mobile and Web based Solutions

    Real time monitoring, alarms, and trending for your vehicles.

Private Logistics Company


  • Loss due to improper dispatching and routing and unofficial vehicle use.

  • Low vehicle utilization with unexpected breakdowns.


  • Dispatching and routing optimization with real-time updates.

  • Predictive maintenance calendar for on-time repairs and vehicle upkeep.

  • Alert system in case of unofficial usage.


  • Vehicle utilization improved by 65% leading to $275k per year.

  • Advanced maintenance created $120k of savings each year.

  • Improved staff productivity by 25%.

State Public Transport Company


  • Losing $90m per year due to low vehicle productivity and high fuel burn     rate.

  • High staff-to-bus ratio and low staff productivity.


  • Past years' data compared with that of best in class.

  • OBD devices connected to BS IV buses for real-time data    collection.

  • AI and Machine learning was applied to the operational and vehicle data     for predictive maintenance and driving behaviour


  • $6 mil savings I operating costs over two years.

  • Improvements in vehicle productivity(10.9%), staff utilization(12%), fleet     utilization(15.3%).

  • Significant improvement in driving behavior.

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