iDesign – Brake Disk Optimization

For a brakes design engineer, knowing the surface temperature of the brake disk is critical for predicting the brake pad wear. Surface temperature computation. is very difficult as it depends on number of variables such as material properties of disk, initial speed, final speed, disc outer diameter, inner diameter, flange thickness, car weight, and distribution of weight on front and rear axle.

iGloble has developed a cloud based solution for brake disk optimization that calculates the surface temperature of a ventilated brake disc for different input parameters mentioned above. The thickness for disk can be varied along with the mass of the disk for the most optimal disk surface temperature.

In most applications the total thickness of the brake disc is constant and the design engineer has the flexibility to change only the flange thickness of the disc. Increasing the flange thickness reduces the surface temperature, but also reduces the area of the vents available for forced convection. It increases the weight of the disc as well. This application will therefore help the design engineer decide on the most optimum flange thickness of the brake disc.

This Brake Disk Optimization application will help the design engineer to determine the brake disc surface temperature for any car, any disc size, any brake pad material and any braking severity.

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