The Pizza theory to create Integrated Solutions

Time has come to create solutions that are cutting over from one domain to another. Data can have multiple origins and destinations. What this means is that once data is created, it can consumed by the various verticals such as manufacturing, banking and insurance verticals. This is achieved by transforming data into meaning information for analytics and decision making by that specific vertical. The key here is the type of information needed and hence the transformation that needs to be designed. The aim to use these solutions is to mitigate risks and improve operational efficiency.

“The Pizza Theory” design helps in creating those transformation solutions on the data (generated by an engine of an aircraft or bus or turbine in a hydro power plant). Data is the core of the pizza, toppings are the applications, and finally a slice is an integrated solution across the verticals.

For instance, data from an engine of the bus can be used to predict its failure and also to decide whether to repair /replace the engine. A fleet owner can decide on the fate of its fleet if the engine issue is consistent across all the buses. Same data can be used to communicate to the driver of the bus on the engine condition so that an appropriate decision can be made while in motion. Engine manufacturer can use the same data across all engines to decide if this needs a design change. And finally, insurer for the engines can measure the risk involved here. The slice of the Pizza is built on that engine data.

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