Impact of AI and ML on world

AI will transform the world!

Artificial Intelligence is emerging as the most powerful solution which will change the way we do things and make decisions. Like the way we are connected socially using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and like the way we are connecting machines as part of IoT, we need to connect databases across the globe. Transforming that data into information is critical. Understand information is what we use for decision making and not data. Data can be used for trending and correlations. As we are talking about huge data sets here and connecting them, this is a hard problem but solvable.

Decisions are being made looking at the local information base. Connecting and running through the global information bases, AI can self-learn from local decision making and help drive decision making which are more globally optimized and faster. This applies to the verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare, energy & utilities and so on. Connecting the dots, AI can learn from each dot and improve the solution for the next dot. As more and more dots get connected, AI solution becomes smarter and we get more predictable solution.

For example, a CAT scan machine installed and being used in one country under varied environments and circumstances, can I use that information to improve the working in another country may be in similar situation or completely different situation. What I can learn from existing information and how can I improve not just the working and customer satisfaction but also the design and supply chain.